Kilts & Kisses

What’s in a name? With names like Tittlebaum, LeBlanc, and Chatellier, the founding members of the Club don’t boast significant Irish lineage, but there’s a little Irish in each of us. Hence the name “The Almost Irish Club”. The goal is to create an organization that celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with the enthusiasm of the Irish, regardless of heritage.

So what is the Club really about? The objective is to assemble a group of gentlemen (term used loosely) who appreciate a good time and are confident enough to don a black tuxedo and tails (a KILT is strongly recommended for optimum parade day enjoyment) and LEAD (i.e. walk) the Baton Rouge St. Patrick’s Day Parade, interacting with the parade goes by offering beads, trinkets, shamrock stickers, and, most importantly, Happy St. Patrick’s Day wishes and kisses to the ladies (all in a gentlemanly manner, of course). 

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