Breaking the Silence

This documentary deals with the increase in sexual violence reports on college campuses across the United States. It looks specifically at Evangel University and asks what can be done to prevent sexual violence in the future. Shot with a Panasonic GH4 and a Canon T2i. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. Animations created with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.



Producer: Zachary Thayer
Director: Jonathan May
Assistant Director: Megan Proebsting
Audio Supervisor: Adam Vigil
Production Assistant: Ben Clanton
Editors: Zachary Thayer, Megan Proebsting, Jonathan May
Graphics: Jonathan May


“942 miles”
Broke for Free

Special Thanks

Sheri Phillips
Roger Moore
Elisabeth Chase
Jeremy Vega
Stan Steward
Anna McWoods
Olivia Cashman
Sean White
Edwin Vega
Jessie Kue
Ash Valle
Aleesa Salcido

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