Excalibur Yearbook

I was the Design Editor for the 2014-2015 Excalibur Yearbook at Evangel University. Our theme was “Innovate” and we focused on the how our school was continually striving towards greatness in everything from academics to athletics to outreach to community. The yearbook was 240 pages and was printed in full color for the first time in the university’s history.


A short film about transitions in life and letting go of the past.

This film was created as part of the Stillwater Christian School drama club program. Students were responsible for nearly every aspect of the short film, from pre-production brainstorming sessions to finding props and locations to acting in the film.



A short dance film about the loss of innocence and the attempt to regain it.


At Evangel University, senior communication students are required to complete a senior capstone in order to graduate. Students have a lot of freedom in what they can create, as long as it lies within the realm of their major. The goal is for the student to showcase at least three different communication skills.

In 2014, #YesAllWomen started trending on social media. This hashtag was created to combat the popular phrase “not all men” used by men to distance themselves from “the bad men” in the news. The idea is that while not all men necessarily harass or abuse women, all women do suffer abuse at the hand of men.

AGATHA was born out of a desire to address the issue of sexual violence from a different perspective. Director Jonathan May has always been interested in dance as a storytelling medium. This project gave him the chance to combine his love of dance and his desire to raise awareness for the issue of sexual violence.

Comedic Shorts

Activities Board is responsible for almost all of the major events on Evangel University’s campus. I was on the video team for two semesters which mean that I created comedic digital shorts for Harvest Fest and Spring Fling and created promos for the events I was assigned to.

Susie’s Story

This animation was created for the short documentary “Breaking the Silence.” It tells the true story of “Susie,” a female student at Evangel University. The graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe After Effects.

Kilts & Kisses

What’s in a name? With names like Tittlebaum, LeBlanc, and Chatellier, the founding members of the Club don’t boast significant Irish lineage, but there’s a little Irish in each of us. Hence the name “The Almost Irish Club”. The goal is to create an organization that celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with the enthusiasm of the Irish, regardless of heritage.

So what is the Club really about? The objective is to assemble a group of gentlemen (term used loosely) who appreciate a good time and are confident enough to don a black tuxedo and tails (a KILT is strongly recommended for optimum parade day enjoyment) and LEAD (i.e. walk) the Baton Rouge St. Patrick’s Day Parade, interacting with the parade goes by offering beads, trinkets, shamrock stickers, and, most importantly, Happy St. Patrick’s Day wishes and kisses to the ladies (all in a gentlemanly manner, of course). 

More info about the group can be found at kiltsandkisses.net

Breaking the Silence

This documentary deals with the increase in sexual violence reports on college campuses across the United States. It looks specifically at Evangel University and asks what can be done to prevent sexual violence in the future. Shot with a Panasonic GH4 and a Canon T2i. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. Animations created with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.



Producer: Zachary Thayer
Director: Jonathan May
Assistant Director: Megan Proebsting
Audio Supervisor: Adam Vigil
Production Assistant: Ben Clanton
Editors: Zachary Thayer, Megan Proebsting, Jonathan May
Graphics: Jonathan May


“942 miles”
Broke for Free

Special Thanks

Sheri Phillips
Roger Moore
Elisabeth Chase
Jeremy Vega
Stan Steward
Anna McWoods
Olivia Cashman
Sean White
Edwin Vega
Jessie Kue
Ash Valle
Aleesa Salcido

Copyright 2014 EU Films

Get Lost

This animation was created for a class project at Evangel University. It was inspired by the “Get Lost (in Montana)” tourism campaign. I created the artwork in Adobe Illustrator and animated it in After Effects.

Europe, Je T’aime

In the summer of 2013, I traveled to Europe with a group of students from my university. We spent 5 weeks in France and Belgium learning about the history and culture of this particular part of Europe. I created this book to showcase some of my favorite photographs that I took on the trip. It also contains my personal journal in which I described my experiences and thoughts for each day I was overseas.

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Everyone Bleeds


A woman wakes up to find her husband dead beside her and has no memory of what happened.


I wrote and directed this short film for my Electronic Cinematography class at Evangel University. It was shot on a Nikon D7000 and a Panasonic GH2. The video was edited in Adobe Premiere and the audio was edited in Adobe Audition. Adobe SpeedGrade was used for the color grade. The film was shot over the course of three evenings.