A short dance film about the loss of innocence and the attempt to regain it.


At Evangel University, senior communication students are required to complete a senior capstone in order to graduate. Students have a lot of freedom in what they can create, as long as it lies within the realm of their major. The goal is for the student to showcase at least three different communication skills.

In 2014, #YesAllWomen started trending on social media. This hashtag was created to combat the popular phrase “not all men” used by men to distance themselves from “the bad men” in the news. The idea is that while not all men necessarily harass or abuse women, all women do suffer abuse at the hand of men.

AGATHA was born out of a desire to address the issue of sexual violence from a different perspective. Director Jonathan May has always been interested in dance as a storytelling medium. This project gave him the chance to combine his love of dance and his desire to raise awareness for the issue of sexual violence.