Montage: Perceptions of Beauty

Humans constantly try to improve and beautify the world around them, but in the process of doing so they often end up just making things worse.

The montage begins and ends with the shot of the roses in a vase. I used roses as symbols of beauty, love, and nature. Beauty is an abstract concept that is socially constructed. Different cultures have different ideas of what beauty is and they manipulate their bodies in different ways to become more beautiful. Love is an abstract emotion that humans are obsessed with. Too often people think that they have to change themselves for another person to like them, when in reality they should be more concerned with staying true to themselves and not becoming a chameleon to conform to someone else’s ideal of the “perfect person.” Finally, humans have a tendency to view nature as ugly and dirty and they try to sterilize it to make it more appealing.

The secondary storyline in the montage is shots of me covering myself in colored paint. This was to show a human actively participating in the destructive process of changing nature. At first it looks pretty or interesting, but as time passes it becomes to get more muddy and nasty looking. At the end I used white to try to restore what was there originally, but it doesn’t work. The white just blends into the mess of colors and at the end I am covered in an inky black mess. The natural is gone and what is left is no longer beautiful.